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The Detailed Step-by-Step Guide to Writing an A+ Argumentative Essay

17 Aug 2018

There is no such a student who isn't familiar with argumentative essay writing. This is one of the most popular kinds of college and university assignments. If to evaluate the benefits you will get if gaining the necessary argumentative writing skills, then this type of essay can be rightly called the most important task among other academic assignments. When writing an argumentative essay, you learn how to consider the topic from different angles, and how to express your opinion on each of them.

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How to Write a Book Review

06 Aug 2018

Book reviews give an opportunity to evaluate the works of literature and reflect on someone’s writing. Writing book reviews isn’t a very appreciated genre because you have to conclude a hundred pages in 1,000 words. It is a difficult task. There are certain principles of writing a book review that can be applied. Here we offer some tips on how to write a book review. We hope that this article will help you to better understand this genre and acquire some useful skills in writing. 

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How to Write Thesis Statements

04 Aug 2018

Thesis statement is the core idea of any paper or article. Usually, it contains one or two sentences that reflect the main argument. This is the central message an author aims to tell about to the readers. Further discussion will revolve around your thesis statement. It guides the author’s writing and keeps them focused on the main topic.

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Eight Tips for Writing a Better Scholarship Essay

02 Aug 2018

Writing an essay of a good quality takes a lot of time and efforts. The main goal of the scholarship essay is to impress readers and, probably, to apply for writing awards. However, you will need to submit several essays to apply for different awards. Therefore, some essays need to be revised or completely changed to fit the requirements of the organizations that issue the awards.

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A Step By Step Guide To Writing The Best Dissertation

26 Jul 2018

If you are writing a dissertation, it means you have reached a very important stage of your academic journey. A dissertation gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your research skills in a certain area of study as you present the results of the case study through original content that will be of great value to the scientific and academic community. Before we discuss how to create a dissertation, let’s define it first.

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A Comprehensive Guide To Writing A Term Paper

21 Jul 2018

A term paper is one of the most important university assignments you must get ready to present. Do you know what distinguishes a term paper from a research paper? Would you like to know the secrets to write an excellent term paper? Here, you will learn how to structure it, how to speed up the writing process, and other tips that can help you prepare the paper professionally and quickly. 

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10 Writing Enhancement Means to Improve Your Texts

13 Jul 2018

Each of us can face the feeling when we can’t just start writing. This is a peculiar state of mind which is frequently titled “the writing block.” The feeling is fed by negative emotions of a potential failure and unworthiness and is often mixed with the panic experience.

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12 Easy Tips to Follow in Order to Write a Great Essay

12 Jul 2018

Read the following few tips to avoid the most obvious problems in writing essays.

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Great Professional Hints for the Perfect Research Paper

11 Jul 2018

Amazing Hints to Create a Professional Research Paper

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10 Steps of Composing an Expert Research Paper

09 Jul 2018

If you are a student, you probably know what a torn in your side a research paper can become. Do you have to write it again? The deadline is just by, isn’t it? Do you know that there are 10 simple steps that can help organize your work and be on time with writing? Devote two minutes of reading this article or head to Custom-writing,org to hire a professional research writer.

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