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How does Kiwipapers work?

The service is very convenient and user-friendly for both writers and customers, since it does not require complicated operations.

If you’re a customer, who needs an academic assistance, follow this instruction:

Place the order that describes the necessary assignment. As soon as you post it, writers, who are willing to complete this type of project, will contact you. You will get a chance to choose the most suitable one at your discretion, according to their experience or feedback. Afterwards, you will need to pay for your order and then wait until the assignment is finished and delivered to you.

If you’re a writer:

You would see job postings from clients, who seek for writers. You would also see writers’ reviews from of those customers, who have made their orders already. If reviews are satisfying, you can make a bid for the job. Now you will wait until the client himself makes an approval.

Why is our service beneficial?

1. We have a strict system of the writers’ selection: before anyone of them gets to work, we check on their degrees, credibility, level of expertise and professionalism. Only those with the highest marks pass.

2. Our service always performs the superior quality; therefore, you can be sure to receive your product on time without any delays. Besides, you don’t have to worry about plagiarism: we promise to send you a well-written paper with 100% original content.

3. Kiwipapers.com never reveals any personal information provided to our website. Confidentiality is our number one privilege.

4. Our writers are always welcome for special demands and requirements regarding your paper. Our professionals can satisfy any of your academic writing needs.

Who will write my essay?

A team of proficient writers, who have solid experience in academic writing and always keep on with the newest academic requirements. At our website, our writers guarantee to complete your orders within the necessary date. You would have a wide choice of writers, who accepted your bid, so you can always select the best one at your discretion based on customers’ feedback, reviews plus their past performances.

How to make an order?

It’s very easy. First, you choose the necessary category of writing, which is the most suitable for your assignment. Then comes a job description. Don’t be too brief about your descriptions, the more information you can provide – the more chances you get the very writer, who will satisfy all of your demands, as he would already know what to expect. You would also be required to submit your email so that any writer interested in your posting could place his or her bid on. You don’t have to reply to the first one right away; you can review all of the writers’ ratings and feedback before you make your final choice. After you pick up your favorite, make a payment. Money would be kept in escrow until the work in completed and you approve it.

What if I don’t approve the paper because I don’t like it?

When you select the essayist, you can always discuss further details about the assignment later on. Once it’s finished, you get the chance to review the paper and ask for revisions as many times as you wish. However, as soon as you consider the work satisfying and release the payment, you won’t be able to get the refund anymore. Look for more information in Terms of Use.

How do I ensure my project is original?

Kiwipapers.com knows how important it is for students to avoid plagiarism, since they can get in a big trouble in case a professor finds out. To make sure that our papers have only plagiarism-free content, before submitting the product to the client, we run it through special software programs to make sure that each writer is honest and hasn’t copied any material. We always try to eliminate situations, when a writer attempts to submit plagiarized essays and if we indicate one, we immediately take serious measures.

How do I ensure my data is safe?

Confidentiality is you primer privilege, so we can’t allow an information disclosure. We don’t want to reveal any of your data as much as you don’t, therefore it’s been safely kept on secure servers. Correspondingly, it would never be available to third parties.