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Top 5 Tips to Deal with Deadlines in College

14 Nov 2018

College life might often feel quite overwhelming, with all those exams, part-time jobs, social life and extracurriculars. Even if you are a straight A’s student, sometimes it’s just not enough time in a day to be able to complete all tasks and to meet numerous requirements. Sometimes education turns into a period between and until deadlines, which could be extremely stressful.

However, there are some useful tactics that can help you deal with the upcoming assignment in a most efficient and stress-less way.

1. Do not try to do everything

In the current fast-paced lifestyle, people have to manage and complete numerous tasks during each day. Life goes on at a very fast speed and this could certainly be overwhelming. It might seem like a good way to succeed – to take up and try to accomplish as many things as possible. In the reality though, it is rather tiring and exhausting quest that could lead to the serious health and mental problems in the worse case scenario, or just simply result in the low levels of efficiency and high levels of stress. So try and do a couple things or projects at a time without the unnecessary hustle.

2. Keep the deadlines in one place

In order to avoid any confusion, rush and overlapping, try and keep a list of all the upcoming deadlines. Depending on your preferences, it might be a paper calendar, an app, or a journal entry. Just make sure to keep the track and follow up, so you always see what projects are more urgent and how much time left till the next one. There are also multiple online planners that might help you with organizing everything in a proper way.

3. Time management

If you want to keep up with the time frameworks of your assignments, the easiest tip there is – start beforehand. Actually, it is better to start right away. In this case, you will have enough time to plan well, revise and accomplish the task in a competent manner. And if you finish earlier, it will give you huge morale boost and push towards the nest assignment. Trust us, it is so worth it!

4. Do not expect a smooth deal

It doesn't matter what you are planning to do – you cannot rely on the notion that everything will go smoothly and without any troubles. Your laptop might crash, there could be not enough material online and the library would be closed, or there is a party at your neighbour's and the noise drives you crazy. The point is – when you plan the approximate time that should be spent on the project, do it with an understanding that a lot of things can go wrong. So make sure to take it into account and be able to deal with unexpected.

5. Have a backup plan

This is a tricky one. However, this rule can and should be applied not only to the educational part of everyone's lives. It is always a good idea to have an additional plan for any kind of tasks due. It might be a useful website you can turn to for the additional tips or info, a friend who is very good at this particular topic, or a relative that works in the similar field. Overall, in case everything goes wrong, you will use this back up for a quick fix. Priority is also very important here. Think what exactly is expected of you? Do you need to write a long thorough piece, or just state a point briefly and clearly? This might help you in developing appropriate tactics and betting on the most important part of the assignment.


Deadlines can surely be a cause for the anxiety. But if you have a clever approach and good at time management, nothing can stop you from leading a productive and healthy student life without any additional hustles.

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