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12 Easy Tips to Follow in Order to Write a Great Essay

12 Jul 2018

Read the following few tips to avoid the most obvious problems in writing essays.

The Right Formatting Style Is Already the Half of the Good Mark

The first rule of academic writing is the compliance with a certain style. And this is the first thing that you have to find out. Fortunately, there are only two main styles - APA and MLA. The rest are much rarer, but if you are lucky to study in Oxford or somewhere across the ocean in Australia, be prepared to learn other styles of formatting and follow them when writing your essays.

Plan the Structure in Advance

As you already know, every essay should consist of logical parts. You need to follow this order. In order not to jump from one part to another, from one idea to another, write a detailed plan in advance. The more detailed - the better. A clear structure and logical narrative are one of the important criteria for evaluation.

Logical Transitions

This point flows smoothly from the previous one. If you have already made a logical structure and follow it, it will be easy for you to do logical transitions between parts of the composition and your thoughts inside each part. And by parity of reasoning, if you jump from one to another without explaining why this bright idea visited you at that moment, the professor will never understand what you wanted to say.

Personal Pronouns

Some works involve the use of personal pronouns, as well as a first-person narrative. For example, it could be personal opinion or a reflective essay. However, most of the work categorically prohibits this technique. Then it is more reasonable to replace personal constructions with more general ones and use something like “it is possible to say...”, “one may confirm...”, “it is logical that...”.


It is superfluous to explain anything within this point. Your professor will be horrified when he reads your reflections on, for example, the categorical imperative of Kant, written with grammar mistakes that only children of the kindergarten age can still afford. Grammarly can help you.


Avoid Passive Voice

The narrative built on passive voice is difficult to read and understand. Try to make your composition easier, avoid such constructions, try to paraphrase everything you can in Present Indefinite. By the way, so you can also avoid mistakes about which we spoke in the previous paragraph.

Avoid Filler Words

We speak and write in the same manner, and this is correct. Insincerity and versatility are immediately noticeable in both oral and written speech. However, academic writing has its own rules. Scientific style does not allow filler words. However, you can safely leave all your individual style for posts in your blog or open discussions in class. Just be censored, please.

Avoid Adverbs

It so happened that the English grammar does not like adverbs, but likes adjectives. Of course, there are situations where adverbs are mandatory, but try to avoid them if possible.

Make Your Text Readable

The main rule of readability is the compliance with the length of sentences. If you have already written two long sentences, then the next should be short. Otherwise, the reader will drown in the flow of your thoughts. If you have already written two short sentences, generate a long one. Otherwise, the reader will begin to wonder where is the main idea.

Read the Composition Aloud

This is the continuation of the conversation about readability. To check if your text is readable, read it aloud. Each sentence should be written in such a way that you have the breath to read it. Moreover, often when reading aloud, "curves" or unfinished moments become very noticeable. Rid your professor of labor to correct for you your mistakes - read and improve them yourself.

The Right Number of Words

Very often ideas and thoughts come to an end sooner than the required volume of text is written. There's nothing you can do about it - you have to work. Try to add novelty, look at the question from a different angle, do deeper research. Just do not overwrite the same thing in other words. Professors have a professional flair for rewriting.

Ask Someone to Evaluate the Work with a Fresh Look

You may think that this is a masterpiece in front of you, and if you followed all the above tips, then most likely it's true. However, a fresh look never hurts. Ask your friends or relatives to look at your text and say their opinion. Sometimes the coolest ideas are generated by people who do not even touch a certain field of activity. It's incredible, but it's a fact.

And now when you have finished reading, let's try it all in practice. Good luck and easy syllable to you!

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