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I have used this expert before and what stands out for me is how he delivers way in advance of the time given. You get enough room to work on and change bits of the paper. I definitely recommend him.



Very well done, I was very impressed with the work he has done and will recommend to anyone who needs help. He exceeded my expectations.

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Just amazing. She finishes the work way before the deadline. I actually have time to give it format to my essay. Thank you so much for such a great work. Definitely going to contact you again!



Thank you so much for this amazing paper help and the extra page! Everything was so well and the sentences were structured strongly. The word choices were great. Definitely got more than I expected and I would love to have you as my expert again! Thanks for helping me with this paper so quickly!

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The expert satisfied everything in my instruction! This was extremely helpful to me as I was really cut short on time this week between work and kids. I didn’t even know such services existed until I found this one to help me with the paper. I was skeptical at first, but he exceeded my expectations.



Wonderful expert! It was a great pleasure to work on the essay with you. You followed the instructions and it helped me to deliver my best. Thanks for your help with my research for this essay!

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Great job. They provided the help that I was looking for with the assignment and were quick to deliver. Overall I would hire her again as I am satisfied with the work done.



I 100% recommend this expert she is absolutely wonderful I am so impressed with the way she finished the paper early. It takes 1 second and she responds. I will definitely be using this expert again. Thanks again premium help!

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I definitely recommend !! He got it done very fast and on such a short notice. He got everything done and he followed the instructions very well. Thank you!



My request was super last minute and I even had a few technical problems but this expert was patient and delivered my request. I’m 100% satisfied & appreciate her work.

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How To Write A Better Essay

Writing an academic essay is one of the most important elements of success during school, high school, or university. Many students who lack a talent for writing struggle to prepare and need help with writing a paper. However, what these students do not know is that an academic essay differs greatly from creative writing, as it is based on specific rules. If you learn and abide by them, you can write a paper successfully without facing any problems.

What is “Essay”?

An essay at university or school expresses a type of formal writing that discusses one specific topic. Often the aim is to convince the reader of a specific matter through a number of real pieces of evidence based on correct scientific facts.

What Are Parts?

A successful academic essay writer must follow some basic elements:

A clear introduction with a summary of the essay and the purpose of writing it. Plus, a logically structured outline for the essay.

Paragraphs with a logical and systematic sequence, which include supporting evidence from reliable academic sources in the content of the essay.

A clear conclusion that summarizes the topic of the paper and the goal for which it was written.

What Are The Types?

The academic essay is divided into several types that differ according to their content and presentation, and they can be summarized as follows:

  • Analytical essay.
  • Argumentative essay.
  • Interpretive essay.
  • Comparative essay.
  • Problem and solution essay.
  • Cause and effect essay.

In order to write a paper, you must first know which of the above types you should write, which often appears in the questions you are asked. Therefore, be sure to read the question well and understand the key words contained in it, such as analyze, discuss, explain the difference ... etc

Start Writing

Once you complete the preparation stage as it should, the remaining stages will not be difficult, and you will find that your ability to write and explain ideas has become easier and smoother. If you need an essay written and you think that you do not have what it takes, do not worry. Here are a handful of practical tips for writing each section of your paper.

Writing the introduction

The introduction has great importance in attracting the readers’ attention as it gives a general idea of what they will find in this paper. The introduction makes up 10-20% of the total essay. It usually contains an answer to three main questions:

  • "What?" what is the topic of your paper is about. Here, as a paper writer, have to provide a simple background on the topic, and the definition of basic terms, and any relevant historical theories or references.
  • "Why?" why did you choose this particular topic? Here, try to provide brief answers about the new information that you will mention in the paper or the important issues that you will talk about as an essay writer.
  • "How?" how your article would be like? Here you must mention points about the topics you will be discussing, and the main elements of your article arranged in chronological order according to where they appear in the article.

Writing The Body Content

The content of the body part is considered one of the greatest obstacles that students usually face, and it causes them to seek help with writing a paper. If you completed the preparation stage as you should, then you will not face any problem writing the body. You can use the essay outline to organize your ideas and put them in their proper place while you write a paper.

Body length: the length of the body content depends on the nature and type of the essay. However, it often occupies 60 to 80% of the paper, and for university academic articles, it is about 10 pages long. (The content of the body only without the introduction or conclusion).

Structuring Paragraphs: To make your paper clear and easy for the reader to understand, you need to properly structure your paragraphs. Make sure each paragraph includes only one main idea or controversial issue. The single paragraph is constructed as follows:

  • The topic sentence, which is the first sentence in the paragraph, in which the main idea that this paragraph will revolve around, is clarified and constitutes a platform for the transition from the previous idea to the new idea.
  • The sentences that follow the topic sentence are proofs and evidence to support the main idea, in addition to examples, data, and everything that contributes to explaining this idea and clarifying it to the reader.

Writing the Conclusion

The role of the conclusion is to assist the readers in arranging and compiling their thoughts before finishing reading the article. Therefore, when writing the conclusion, be sure to do the following:

  • Summarize all the ideas in the article and explain how they all confirm and support the main goal that you, as a paper writer, outlined in your introduction.
  • Dealing with questions or more general aspects related to your topic that could serve as a basis for later articles. Suggest similar issues that your article did not address or attempt to clarify.

It is also imperative to avoid the following common mistakes:

  • Presenting important new information or raising new issues without explaining it (if this is necessary, be sure to suggest them for subsequent studies, and not just casually mention them).
  • Write too much.
  • Begin with closing sentences and phrases such as: in conclusion, at last, to summarize the above ... etc, as such phrases weaken your essay and make it seem insubstantial.

The Review Phase

There is not much left, you are almost done. Now, what remains is to review your paper to ensure that it is safe and free of mistakes, lapses, and any other problems. Make sure to do the following at this stage:

  • Make sure that your essay meets and complies with all the conditions required in your assignment.
  • Make sure your paper is arranged logically, paragraphs are linked, and each contains only one main idea.
  • As an essay writer, you must be sure that all paragraphs align with the purpose of the main article you mentioned in the introduction.
  • Check each paragraph separately and make sure that every sentence in one paragraph matches the sentence of the main topic.
  • Ensure that all technical terms are explained and defined to an audience who may not know their meaning.
  • Check the article for any typos, grammatical or linguistic errors.
  • Get rid of excess fillers and loose expressions.

Now your paper is ready, and you did not need help with writing a paper. If your paper is printed, be sure to standardize color and font size, and to distinguish headings and sub-headings from the rest of the paragraphs. To properly proofread your article, try the following:

  • Read your article out loud, which forces you to slow down and thus look at the words more carefully.
  • Change the font you are using, as errors are easier to spot when using new, less popular fonts.
  • Print your article, and check it up with your pen.
  • Ask one of your friends or colleagues to check it out for you one last time.

Frequently asked questions

The service is very convenient and user-friendly for both tutors and customers, since it does not require complicated operations.

If you’re a customer, who needs an academic assistance, follow this instruction:

Place the order that describes the necessary assistance. As soon as you post it, our academic assistants, who are willing to help with this type of project, will contact you. You will get a chance to choose the most suitable one at your discretion, according to their experience or feedback. Afterwards, you will need to pay for your order and then wait until the help is delivered to you.

If you’re a tutor:

You would see job postings from clients, who seek for tutors. You would also see tutors’ reviews from those customers, who have made their orders already. If reviews are satisfying, you can make a bid for the job. Now you will wait until the client himself makes an approval.

  • 1. We have a strict system of the tutors’ selection: before anyone of them gets to work, we check on their degrees, credibility, level of expertise and professionalism. Only those with the highest marks pass.
  • 2. Our service always performs the superior quality; therefore, you can be sure to receive your academic help on time without any delays. Besides, you don’t have to worry about plagiarism: we promise to send you only credible resources.
  • 3. Kiwipapers.com never reveals any personal information provided to our website. Confidentiality is our number one privilege.
  • 4. Our academic assistants are always welcome for special demands and requirements regarding your paper. Our professionals can satisfy any of your academic needs.

A team of proficient academic assistants, who have solid experience in academic assignments and always keep on with the newest academic requirements. At our website, our assistants guarantee to help you within the necessary date. You would have a wide choice of tutors, who accepted your bid, so you can always select the best one at your discretion based on customers’ feedback, reviews plus their past performance.

It’s very easy. First, you choose the necessary subject/topic, which is necessary for your assignment. Then comes a job description. Don’t be too brief about your descriptions, the more information you can provide – the more chances you get the very homework assistant, who will satisfy all of your demands, as he would already know what to expect. You would also be required to submit your email so that any tutor interested in your posting could place his or her bid on. You don’t have to reply to the first one right away; you can review all of the tutors’ ratings and feedback before you make your final choice. After you pick up your favorite, make a payment. Money would be kept in escrow until the necessary help is provided and you approve it.

When you select the assistant, you can always discuss further details about the assignment later on. You can get any advice or help you need. However, as soon as you consider the tutor’s work finished and release the payment, you won’t be able to get the refund anymore. Look for more information in Terms of Use.</